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Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law

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Established in 1969

Scientific Directions:

  • history of the Armenian philosophy and aesthetic thought;
  • theoretical philosophy, logic and methodology of the science;
  • sociology and political science: problems of the social transformations in Armenia, migration of population and political alienation; geopolitical situation in the region;
  • theory and history of law in Armenia, phenomenological foundations of the theory of right, the problem of relations between law and security.

Main results:

  • foundation of the scientific school on study of the Armenian philosophical heritage and aesthetic thought; publication of the fundamental monograph “History of the Armenian Philosophy” and a number of monographs, devoted to the philosophical concept of prominent old Armenian thinkers; the publication of the monograph “Problems of Theory and History of Aesthetics” and the anthology “The Figures of Armenian Culture about Art”.
  • developing of the concept of transition from the traditional common problems of epistemology in to the area of logic, philosophy and methodology of science; publication of the monograph “Philosophy. History. Culture”, and books “From the Logic Atoms to the Physical Laws”, “LMP fundamental theory”, translation into the Armenian and publication of the classic work of the German philosopher Kant's “Critique of Pure Reason”.
  • a study of socio-political problems of the modern Armenian society and development of the national models and strategies for further modernization of society; publication of monographs and books both in Armenia and abroad: “Armenian Society in Transformation”, “Modern Armenian Society. Peculiarities of Transformation”, “Armenian Society on the Threshold of the XXI-th Century”, “Armenia. The Alienated Society”, “Armenian Society in Transition”, “Out-migration from Armenia - in Transboundary Migration in the Post-Soviet Space”, “One Nation - Three Sub-Ethnic Groups”, “Karabakh Liberation Struggle in Armenian Political Consciousness”, “New World Order and Armenia”, “Power and Opposition: the analysis of political discourse”, “Information Society: socio-political problems”, “Features of the Political Culture in Armenia”.
  • a study of the main issues of the national legislation and law enforcement practice, as well as theoretical problems of law and the history of the Armenian legal thought; publication of monographs and books: “Medieval Armenian Law and Political and Legal Thought in X-XIII Centuries”, “Problems of Theory and History of Law”, “Problems of Theory of Law. A Phenomenological Approach”, “The Need for a New Lawunderstanding”, “The Questions of Justice”, “The Law and Crime.”
From 2008 to 2010 the Institute had a Scientific Board on Sociology and Political Science.